Friday, November 21, 2014

Clover's Nursery

Clover is coming up on eleven months old already.  My mind can barely comprehend how fast this year has gone!  Bill and I spent last fall dreaming about, shopping for and creating this room which was finished a day or two before Clover arrived last December.

This closet was the only closet that had shelving in it when we bought our house in 2010.  The rest of the house had holes in the closets where shelving used to be.  This was my tease closet, because the 'California Closet' label on it told me that at one point this house was full of the high end closet system.  Ironically, we almost ripped the shelves out of the closet ourselves in order to come up with something more useful.  (I wish I had a 'before' picture of the closet since it only had the top two shelves and hanging rods at the top initially.) Instead, I tracked down this wardrobe unit from IKEA, which was identical in color to the off white California Closet shelves.  Bill painted and added lower closet rods on either side of the unit for Clover to reach when he's a couple years older.  The wardrobe is attached to the back wall of the closet for safety's sake, as well.

Also, we removed the doors to the closet, since they were big and this room is small.  Curtains were our solution for closet 'doors' though in all honesty, they are rarely closed unless Lucky and Charm are playing peekaboo with Clover:).

 Bill made the 'built ins' on either side of the window using IKEA Besta storage pieces as the base and shelves.  He made a base and added crown molding which was an adventure for him. I lined the back of the upper bookcases with wrapping paper.

This vintage paint by number was my inspiration for the whole room.  

Happy Weekend!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!!

 I let the kids decorate their basement fort however they wanted with extra halloween decorations that we had on hand.  I made the new sign yesterday!


I had fun decorating my 'chicken coop' Halloween style earlier this month as well.

Our front room:

 This bat chandelier thing was my project for the month that never really got down.  Pottery Barn Kids sold the inspiration version for $59.  I spent $6 on two embroidery hoops, painted them black and attached card stock bats with fishing line.  Getting the thing balanced and hung was tricky.  I also had black tulle to add to the top, but I'll have to do that for next year:)

We have a couple games for the night:
Chocolate eye ball spoon race!

Candy corn bean bag toss!

 All ready for the costume kiddos:

Lucky, Charm and I painted these signs on cardboard to put up in our front yard.  I stapled them to dowels.  I have to get our porch and front yard all decorated yet this afternoon!  

I hope you all have a great night and a fantastic weekend!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Treat or Treasure?

Oh blog, how I've wanted to keep you more updated, but this is a busy season in our life, and unfortunately, when something has to take a side to real life, Sunshine On the Inside is the first to go. We have some catching up to do.  Perhaps this winter?:)

On the way home from school one day Charm said, "Instead of trick or treat, I want to say treat or treasure on Halloween."  I liked that idea and when I found out about the Teal Pumpkin Project and its aim to raise allergy awareness, I ran with the treat or treasure idea this year.

This pumpkin cut out will go on my door (because I waited too long to pull out the teal spray paint on a faux pumpkin:)):

This pumpkin image printed on teal-ish cardstock.

I made a little Oriental Trading Company order a couple weeks ago when shipping was free and there was a gift certificate incentive:
I purchased a set of pumpkin bags, a roll of pumpkin stickers, a couple packs of mini bubbles and some jumping spiders.  Lucky worked non stop to fill all of the bags until the bubbles ran out!  

The result is a basket full of Halloween treasures that will be fun for all kiddos!

And we will have a 'candy option' at our house too.  I used leftover spiders from the Teal Pumpkin Project and leftover kisses from Lucky's Candy Land birthday party to make these bags:
Truth be told, I saw the idea on Pinterest weeks ago, and was excited when I had everything I needed on hand today.  I just printed off the bag toppers that I created in Word and stapled them on to the leftover bags from Lucky's big party.

And *fingers crossed*, I hope to write again tomorrow with some new Halloween decorations that we made/purchased/enjoyed this year!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Christmas Castle

Lately, my stay at home mom brain has been swirling with thoughts of homemade Christmas presents for my kiddos.  I realized that I never posted about Charm's Christmas 2013 present from Lucky and me, and in the spirit of catching up (a la birthday party posts:)), here it is:

If it looks very similar to this castle, it's because it was my inspiration of sorts.  I found the unfinished castle at Michael's for $12 with a coupon, and I thought, I can paint that and save some money:).  It's funny now, because after buying action figures for the castle, I think I maybe saved $10, and painting it front, back and sides wasn't exactly a quick project.  Ah well.  I used acrylic paint and then sealed it with AFM Safecoat Acrylacq.

Lucky and I made this very homemade looking dragon puppet from scratch.  We didn't use a pattern or anything, we just went for it using fabric we had on hand already!  We thought Charm could use the puppet and castle together.

After we gifted the castle and puppet to Charm, we had him draw up some shields to put on the front door like a coat of arms.  I made a couple too.  We laminated the shields and attached them with some velcro stick dots, so they can be changed out.

Even though, this gift wasn't a big 'money saver', it still is a keeper!  Charm plays with it often, and we all love knowing we made it together.

Now, it's time to see about crafting presents for three kids this year!  I'm thinking about giving them all the same thing, but we will see if my mind changes in the next couple months.  Crazy to think that Christmas is only 2 1/2 months away.  This year has flown!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Charm's Outer Space Blast Off

First, you must know that the party I'm about to talk about took place about 13 months ago.  I discovered that I never posted pictures from Charm's 4th birthday here when I was working on pulling together pictures of past birthdays for Charm's baby book that has been sitting unfinished for 4 years now.  It didn't feel right to post pictures of his fifth party until his fourth was documented in much the same way it didn't feel right to start Clover's baby book before adding some pictures to Charm's.  In attempt to move a step forward, I'm taking a few steps back.  So goes this season of my life.  Perhaps I shall call it the turtle season, because I feel like I'm moving in sloooooow motion most of the time.

But for now, this turtle is going to focus on Charm's party from last year.  Here are some pictures from Charm's big day:

We gathered everyone outside and attached 'astronaut in training' name badges.  They played on the 'rocket' while awaiting launch time.

They were handed envelopes with their top secret training mission inside (Note: Stage numbers are off by one on the handout versus the stage markers in the yard.  I'm not sure why.  13 months is a long time to remember those little details but probably we fixed the handout after I took these pictures?.!)

We did a countdown on the 'rocket'!

 A few jumps each on the trampoline helped them to feel 'weightless'.

 Each child got to toss a few tennis balls at the alien...

 and then they got behind the photo prop and pretended to be an alien:).
(I painted the photo prop on a piece of eucaboard and Bill made the frame.)

Next up, they traveled through a black hole...

...only to incur ship damage requiring repairs which were completed at the space dock.

Each child was handed a piece of the ship, and they had to work together to put the ship back together:

(Again, I painted the rocket on a piece of eucaboard from Home Depot, and Bill cut it out after I traced puzzle lines using a yard stick for the straight edges and a small plate for the curves.)

Finally they completed star navigation training.

Each child had to create his/her own constellation using black construction paper, small star stickers and chalk to connect the stars.

Once the constellation was completed, they were handed flags to take to the moon!

Each child put a flag in the 'moon' and received a specimen bag to take home!

The bags contained 'moon rocks', astronaut ice cream and some outer space sticker sheets.

A cake, ice cream and pinata finished up the party fun!

And if you made it this far, here is a little bonus basement play fort fun.  Two winters ago, I started making play themes for the kids using the reading loft/fort/structure Bill built in the basement as a back drop.  I made this spaceship themed area to coincide with Charm's birthday.

The control panel was in our outside play set on the day of the party. 

And this concludes my trip back in time and space.

Have a lovely week!